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At, an initiative that promotes free software and free knowledge, they have created a tool to aid collaborative work, exchange of ideas, organisation of tasks, etc. This innovative platform has been given the name Kune, from the Esperanto for ‘together’. Its main aim is to amplify the potential of people, communities and organisations to develop and share free projects on any subject and to drive social movements.

This open website is based on three key principles: communicate with others; work in collaboration, and share with the world, regardless of the distance. No matter what kind of user – whether individual or group, public or institutional – Kune can adapt and offer the right services to meet their needs.

Kune also recommends free licences for the content created on the platform, as they believe knowledge should be shared. This means that anyone can access it, contribute their ideas and proposals, take part in its development and, together, make much better projects.



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